Consulting services include: strategy, integrated marketing & branding, digital/mobile/social media, multimedia content development and distribution, sales & business development, cross­-cultural and International initiatives, content development/creation and media training.

Clients include corporations, advertising agencies, small businesses, non­-profit organizations and digital start-ups.

1. Marketing, branding, audience development and consumer segmentation.

  • Customer Insights, segmentation and market/competitor analysis.
  • Marketing and brand strategy development and execution (cross-platform).
  • Product and Pricing strategy, including e-Commerce.

2. Multimedia content development and distribution.

  • Digital: Web, Social Media, Blog, Content Marketing.
  • Traditional: TV, Print, Radio.

3. Sales, business development, acquisition/lead generation and CRM/Loyalty.

  • Lead generation: targeting and messaging strategies.
  • Client retention: affinity programs, CRM marketing, customer life cycle management, increase influence and measure Customer Lifetime Value.
  • ­ Online/Digital/Mobile Strategies: content and campaign development, Email marketing, SEO/SEM.
  • Social media campaigns and engagement.

4. Consumer & corporate communications and engagement: traditional and digital, includes consumer products, financial services, emerging technologies, and new media expertise.

  • ­ Public Relations
  • ­ Social Media
  • ­ Special Events

5. Cross­-cultural and international initiatives.

  • High level strategy/vision, market research, infrastructure assessment/development to support ­ Marketing and Communications Strategy, and PR, traditional offline and Web.
  • Cultural, bilingual Spanish/English content: creation, translation and “transcreation” services (cultural relevancy in addition to language)

6. Media Training: traditional and cross­-cultural/bilingual.

  • Multimedia training: TV, Video, Radio.
  • Cross-­cultural media training for general market executives looking to speak to or about Hispanic/Latino segment.
  • Hispanic/Latino executives looking to address media in English or Spanish.

7. Speaker, user “tech advocate” and educator: opportunities to engage Rosa Alonso as tech lifestyle expert.

  • ­ Event speaker.
  • ­ Trusted product/ brand ambassador, multimedia.
  • ­ Media presenter/engagements: in English and/or Spanish (excellent diction in both languages and fully bilingual, including reading and writing).